Changing locks – Having locks changed is the process of deleting old keys and supplying a new set of keys for locks. The process changes the internal pins in the lock cylinder. The new lock pins change the combination of the lock. The new pin combination will only work with the correct new keys.

Replace locks? – Why not just replace the locks with new ones? It is often easier and cheaper to rekey the locks then to replace them. Reasons are as follows

  1. New locks can be very expensive.
  2. New locks can take more time to install. They may have to be specially ordered.
  3. If your locks are keyed alike or master keyed, the new locks might not be compatible with your type of keys.
  4. You could end up with a large number of keys. Locks can be keyed alike while they are being rekeyed.
  5. New model locks might have different fitting requirements. This can leave holes in doors and unsightly fitting/paint marks.